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oneiric installation


Good evening!

Today I installed on my AC100-114 Ubuntu oneiric beta 2, following the wikis




The installation was successful! Thanks to all the developers who made this possible.

Previously I used phh's latest with nilfs2, installed by following


It seems that sound (on headphones only up to now) and video are much better and
much more stable with the new installation. The only thing
which worked better with the old installation is the webcam:
cheese worked with phh's latest, and I did not
succeed to make it work with oneiric.

I have not yet tried the hdmi output.

I have installed lxde, which works very nicely and is much faster
than gnome, because I don't like the new look of gnome with this
big column of icons on the left side of the screen.

Good night and thanks again,

C.-M. Marle

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