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Re: Does hdmi out work?


On Fri, Nov 25, 2011 at 12:11 PM, Pierre-Hugues Husson

> 2011/11/25 Jani Monoses <jani@xxxxxxxxxx>:
> > 2011/11/25 Pierre-Hugues Husson <phhusson@xxxxxxxxx>:
> >> 2011/11/25 Nicolás Wolovick <nwolovick@xxxxxxxxx>:
> >>> Perhaps it is worth writting it in
> https://wiki.edubuntu.org/ARM/TEGRA/AC100
> >>> For me it was a nuisance to loose the suspend functionality when
> installing
> >>> nvidia driver.
> >>>
> >>> Best, Nico
> >> ??
> >> It works fine here, and noone ever mentioned anything but some
> >> instabilities on the irc channel
> >
> > With the Ubuntu kernel and latest L4T SDK?
> Ubuntu's package with home-built marvin's kernel + my own patches as i
> posted them here. But i had high success rate with ubuntu kernels too

The kernel is from marvin24 in github compiled Nov13, and I think nothing
fundamental happened later on chromeos-ac100-2.6.38 branch.
The video driver is nvidia-tegra_12-0ubuntu1~alpha1monson6_armel.deb

However doing proper experimentatio I've found it works!
The only difference was that I changed from fb to nvidia, and without
rebooting or restarting the X, I've suspended.
That might have caused the problem.

Best, and thanks for the answers,

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