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Re: Kernel update request


06 декабря 2011, 14:32 от Jani Monoses <jani@xxxxxxxxxx>:
> > We are trying to push board driver (tegra-alc5632) to mainline. Leonro's 3.0 branch is not stable at this moment, your 3.0-exp is pretty good. Your 2.6.38 is good too.
> > Mic support is not implemented yet.
> Since we talk about sound, can something be done in the kernel to
> avoid the disastrous situation of 30+ controls many of which can be in
>  several states, that are exposed to alsa and which most users have no
> clue how to change - if at all - to get simple things working?
> Jani

Volume related controls are placed at the begin of list (Master, Speaker, Headphone). I think it is enough. Gui mixer shows switches in separate tab.
Switches are important part of power management, I don't know easy way to drop it from alsamixer.

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