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Re: unsuccessful resume with binary driver


Hi Mikko,

On Monday 19 December 2011 18:33:15 Mikko Lehtonen wrote:
> So, I use the nvidia binary driver, as I do gles2 coding in my past
> time.. and I use standby heavily, but this combo doesn't always resume.
> Unsuccessful resume with the binary driver usually exhibits as backlight
> turning on, some flickering so that it feels it is at least trying, but
> then a blank screen with nothing working, not even vt switch.
> This seems to be more consistent with the new beta driver.
> (I don't remember any successful resumes)
> With the earlier alpha the success rate was I think around 50%
> But I now noticed that it isn't totally frozen, I can ssh in when it's
> in that state. So I guess it really is just the driver/kernel/gpu not
> going in to some known good state.

would it be ok if you test a 3.0 kernel to see if suspend is more reliable? I 
made some changes which maybe improve resume (in fact, the .38 code always 
failed to resume in 3.0, so it needed a fix). 

> Also, I noticed that in the syslog there are some ec commands logged, I
> figured it might be helpful for someone who is more familiar with them,
> so I attached the syslog (trimmed to start from the resume)

These look harmless. Seems the EC sends power on events. Maybe we need to ack 
them to let them go away. I may take a look at it later on.

> And now that I'm going on about suspend, at some point the close lid
> didn't even suspend reliably, so I sometimes suspended from the menu,
> but as I was doing that in train just when my stop comes, I'm in a hurry
> and close the lid anyway, and next time it resumes (succesfully), it
> goes to suspend immediatelly again, so there is some double standby
> action going on there.
> (and I think I once saw a double modulated standby-led-blink)

mmh, I just checked it here on 3.0 and it worked as expected. So again, can 
you please test with janimos kernel?



> For completeness:
> The binary xorg/gles2 driver is the new beta one.
> scoopr@ac100:~$ lsb_release -a
> No LSB modules are available.
> Distributor ID:	Ubuntu
> Description:	Ubuntu 11.10
> Release:	11.10
> Codename:	oneiric
> scoopr@ac100:~$ uname -a
> Linux ac100 2.6.38-1001-ac100 #1-Ubuntu SMP PREEMPT Thu Oct 20 07:09:13
> UTC 2011 armv7l armv7l armv7l GNU/Linux
> --
> Mikko Lehtonen · scoopr

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