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Re: Sound broken after kernel upgrade


On Thu, 2012-01-05 at 19:25 +0000, Jasper Taylor wrote:
> Hi, just got my AC100 and everything works as advertised with Oneiric. 
> But once I update the kernel to (from 1000) the sound stops 
> working! Following the procedure on the home page for activating the 
> internal speakers after kernel upgrade merely makes them crackle a bit. 
> I go back to kernel and it works again (through jack). 
> Anyone else had this? What diagnostics can I run? --Jal

Hi, and thanks for bringing this up. I would like to update the wiki
with some verified commands. Would you like to elaborate on how you got
the 1000 kernel with jack to produce sound (commands)? So far, your
report is the first that I have seen that sound would actually work with

Also, if you have the time, with the 1001 kernel, use 'amixer scontents'
to dump the current mixer settings and 'alsamixer' to set them one by
one in a cycle and test the sound. Then, when you've found the switch,
compare the outputs of that and the previous cycle's 'amixer scontents'
output to find the exact name of the control to be set. That way, we can
update the wiki with the exact and correct 'amixer set' commands as well
as a possibility to integrate this into the default 12.04 install.
Please also share with us the full 'amixer scontents' output of the
working setup.

Best regards,

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