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Multiboot no usb


yesterday I tried out Multiboot.  Very appealing concept.  I managed to get
it up and running booting different kernels.  However,  under all kernel I
face the problem that the USB Interface is not initialized correctly.  I
find only the main USB Hub under lsusb. dmesg spills out some init probs.
The same kernel set (kernel, initrd.img, command line)  worked fine if
flashed directly.  Without USB no wifi and no USB ethernet dongles...  this
cuts down the fun factor.
I tried some different kernel command lines to no avail.  I made sure I
have the correct module folders for all kernels and created the intramfs on
the ac100.
I use arch linux, but this should not matter since it worked before with
the same kernel.
Does someone else observe this problem?