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Re: [Question #206787]: the command to upgrade the kernel correctly


Question #206787 on AC100_enablement changed:

    Status: Open => Solved

Ivan Zakharyaschev confirmed that the question is solved:
When asking the question, what I was mostly concerned with was my
concern that the kernel modules not being lost when upgrading, but it
seems Ubuntu doesn't have separate packages for kernel modules: ` dpkg
--search /lib/modules/*` outputs only linux-image-3.0.27-1-ac100. So
there is no such problem.

http://unix.stackexchange.com/a/46328/4319 :

"On Ubuntu, there is no special command to upgrade the kernel. All
kernels come with the standard packaging mechanism. If you run the usual
upgrade commands, either from the graphical interface (that's what most
Ubuntu users use), or from the command line (apt-get update && apt-get
upgrade). The package's post-installation scripts take care of updating
the bootloader and the initramfs."

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