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error message when typing sudo apt-get update


Good morning!

Recently I reinstalled precise on my ac100, following the guidelines given in




I appreciated the improvements: in particular, now the sound works both on the 

internal speakers and in external earphones.

However, when I type in a terminal

sudo apt-get update

I obtain at the end the message (in french, since I chose French as a language; however I still have an US keyboard, and impossible to get a French one!)

Impossible de récupérer bzip2:/var/lib/apt/lists/partial/ports.ubuntu.com_ubuntu-ports_dists_precise-security_universe_source_Sources Somme de contrôle de hachage incohérente

I read somewhere that some delay could be needed before update begins to operate, so I waited for more than one week, with no change.

I reinstalled twice the system, carefully checking the md5 sums of the bootimage and the tarball, and always the same error message.

I wanted to install gnome, because I don't like the ugly big icons of unity. Impossible!

Is there something wroug in my sources.list?

Thank you anyway for the good job done by enabling the use of ubuntu on the ac100.


C.-M. Marle

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