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Porting to the NEC Lifenote touch



I'd like to get Ubuntu running on the NEC Lifenote touch, which is a Tegra t20 device not dissimilar
to the ac100.

I've access APX mode (which on this device require disassembly) and found a bootable kernel (from the
Nvidia developer kit). The device now kernel panics when it can't find a root device. I'd like to get
a shell and poke around, is there a suitable initrd I can use?

My notes are here: http://41j.com/blog/2013/01/lifetouch-note/

I've had a quick look to see if there's a source code release by NEC, but can't yet find anything.

If you have any suggestions I'd be very interested in what my next steps might be.
My apologies for intruding on the ac100 forum, if there's a more suitable forum please let me know.

Nava Whiteford, Contractor (Genomics, Embedded, Algorithms, DevOps) - SGenomics Ltd
Adachi-ku, Tokyo