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[Question #228340]: Routine crash with snow on screen and white noise


New question #228340 on AC100_enablement:

Hi all,

I have been owning an AC100 for 2 years and tried Ubuntu from the start, but I never could really use it.

Today I installed Ubuntu 12.10 and it worked so great, with sound and external keyboard, external mouse and external 3G modem! 

After about half an hour however, the old syndrome came back: sudden freeze, with snowy screen, eventually some lines, holding the power button being the only way out. The novelty was the white noise, since I did not have sound with the previous versions I tried ;-) After the first crash and reboot, the laptop crashes much quicker so I can’t use it any more than the initial half hour or so. 

Do you think it is a hardware, firmware or Ubuntu problem. I hardly ran Android on it so I can’t say.  Has anyone experienced a similar behavior ?

Any suggestion welcome,


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