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Re: [Question #229206]: How to get accelerated xv output ?


Question #229206 on AC100_enablement changed:

Vlad Gheorghe posted a new comment:
Thanks for the response !

Some clarifications upfront..

* A similar note regarding Harmony deprecation is found in the release notes for R16.3

* I have also tried to use the instructions at ac100. grandou.net/hw_accelerated_video_playback
- for 12.10
- The link to the codecs package is broken. Instead, I have tried to unzip the codecs provided on the nvidia site in the root of the AC100.
- Instead of downloading, I've got the nvidia-tegra package installed using apt-get from the multiverse.
 ( I hope it's the same file)

* I have installed gnome-media as instructed, to get gstreamer-

* In gstreamer-properties  
- audio configured, tested and works
- video set to nvxvimagesink, but test gives an error dialog 'Custom: could not link ffmpeccsp0 to nvximagesink0'

With this setup
- nvgstplayer does play h264, output window can be resized arbitrarily
- gst-launch playbin2  also works ( I guess they have much the same setup of gst)
- totem doesn't work - opens and stops at position 0 ( will add output in a later comment)
- any application using XV output seems to freeze the system (as reported in LP:1178199 )
    - mplayer -vo xv 
    - ekiga

Is it possible to get libxv supprot on tegra ?  Or video acceleration
can only be done via gstreamer ?


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