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Re: [RFC 0/4] ansi console support for lcd driver


Пятница, 13 марта 2015, 21:59 UTC от Stephen Warren <swarren@xxxxxxxxxx>:
>Andrey Danin wrote at Friday, March 13, 2015 3:55 PM:
>> Main reason for this patches is ability to use bootmenu
>> on devices that use lcd driver (like Toshiba AC100).
>> Lcd driver doesn't have ansi support while cfb_console does.
>> Ansi related code was moved from cfb_console to separate place.
>> Then this code was used in both cfb_console and lcd driver.
>> There are other duplicated code between cfb_console and lcd.
>> I'm not very experienced with video subsystem. Maybe there is a
>> better/more proper way to add ansi support for Toshiba AC100.
>If these patches are against mainline U-Boot, and something you want applied
>there, you'll need to send them to the U-Boot mailing list too:
Yes, sorry. I've already resent it.

Andrey Danin