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Re: [U-Boot] [RFC 4/4] paz00: enable bootmenu


On 03/17/2015 01:58 AM, Andrey Danin wrote:
On 16.03.2015 21:14, Stephen Warren wrote:
On 03/13/2015 04:49 PM, Andrey Danin wrote:
Signed-off-by: Andrey Danin <danindrey@xxxxxxx>

Some explanation of what these new options do might be nice; the
features/benefits they enable.

Are any of the options generally useful? If so, should they be enabled
in tegra-common*.h?

You also didn't Cc Tom Warren (Tegra maintainer) so he likely won't see
the emails and hence won't apply this patch.

Thanks for the reply Stephen! I will add Tom Warren to Cc next time.

Bootmenu allows to create user friendly menu to choose different boot
options. For example next 3 lines in boot config
setenv bootmenu_0 "Boot kernel = setenv bootargs ..."
setenv bootmenu_1 "Boot recovery = setenv bootargs ..."
bootmenu 20
will generate bootmenu with 3 options:
*** U-Boot Boot Menu ***

Boot kernel
Boot recovery
U-Boot console

Press UP/DOWN to move, ENTER to select

More information about bootmenu is available at doc/README.bootmenu

OK. Might it be better to use an extlinux.conf file? It already has support for displaying a menu for all the options in the file, and allowing the user to select which to boot. (Although I suspect the extlinux.conf menu could be prettied up some). I suppose your example above are more than just selecting which kernel to boot though, so perhaps extlinux.conf wouldn't work.

I was focused on console part for this RFC. This patch is for testing
purposes. I will use tegra config instead of paz00 next time to allow
other users of tegra devices to try changes.