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Re: [PATCH v3 0/4] arm: tegra: implement NVEC driver using tegra i2c.


On 20.07.2015 23:35, Andrey Danin wrote:
This version (v3) is for pushing tegra i2c driver to i2c tree.
NVEC driver will be reworked later to use i2c core slave framework.

NVEC driver contains code to manage tegra i2c controller in slave mode.
I2C slave support was implemented in linux kernel. The goal of this
patch serie is to implement I2C slave mode in tegra drived and rework
NVEC driver to use it.

Patches are based on i2c for-next.

Changes for v3:
- rebase on top of i2c for-next tree
- fix 10-bit address condition in tegra i2c driver

Sorry, I didn't fix all comments in tegra i2c driver. I will send v4 soon.