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[PATCH 00/57] Rid W=1 warnings from Staging


This set is part of a larger effort attempting to clean-up W=1
kernel builds, which are currently overwhelmingly riddled with
niggly little warnings.

Lee Jones (57):
  staging: r8192U_core: Remove two unused variables 'ret' and
  staging: android: ashmem: Supply description for 'new_range'
  staging: comedi_8254: Fix descriptions for 'i8254' and 'iobase'
  staging: r8192U_core: Do not use kernel-doc formatting for !kernel-doc
  staging: r819xU_phy: Remove some local variables from the stack
  staging: r819xU_cmdpkt: Remove functionless method
  staging: wlan-ng: cfg80211: Move large struct onto the heap
  staging: rtw_ioctl_set: Move 'channel_table' to the only place it's
  staging: rtl8188eu: core: rtw_ieee80211: Fix incorrectly documented
  staging: rtl8723bs: core: rtw_mlme: Remove a bunch of unused variables
  staging: rtl8723bs: core: rtw_mlme_ext: Deal with a bunch of unused
  staging: rtl8712: rtl871x_mp_ioctl: Remove a bunch of unused tables
  staging: rtl8723bs: core: rtw_recv: Mark debug variable as
  staging: rtl8188eu: core: rtw_security: Fix some formatting and
  staging: rtl8723bs: core: rtw_security: Demote non-conformant
    kernel-doc header
  staging: rtl8723bs: core: rtw_sta_mgt: Remove unused variable 'psta'
  staging: rtl8723bs: core: rtw_sta_mgt: Return error value directly
  staging: octeon: ethernet-tx: Fix formatting issue in function header
  staging: rtl8723bs: core: rtw_wlan_util: Remove unused variable
  staging: rtl8712: rtl871x_mp_ioctl: Move a large data struct onto the
  staging: iio: frequency: ad9834: Provide missing description for
  staging: nvec: Fix a bunch of kernel-doc issues
  staging: ks7010: ks_hostif: Remove a bunch of unused variables
  staging: fwserial: Demote a whole host of kernel-doc abuses
  staging: sm750fb: sm750_accel: Provide description for 'accel' and fix
    function naming
  staging: most: net: Fix some kernel-doc formatting issues
  staging: vt6655: upc: Suppress set but not used warning in macro
  staging: rtl8192u: ieee80211_softmac: Move a large data struct onto
    the heap
  staging: most: dim2: Provide missing descriptions and fix doc-rot
  staging: rtl8723bs: core: rtw_ieee80211: Remove seemingly pointless
  staging: rtl8723bs: core: rtw_mlme: 'retry' is only used if REJOIN is
  staging: rtl8723bs: core: rtw_mlme_ext: 'evt_seq' is only used if
    CHECK_EVENT_SEQ is set
  staging: most: i2c: Fix a little doc-rot
  staging: most: dim2: hal: Fix one kernel-doc header and demote two
    non-conforming ones
  staging: most: dim2: hal: Demote non-conformant kernel-doc headers
  staging: axis-fifo: axis-fifo: Fix some formatting issues
  staging: rtl8188eu: os_dep: ioctl_linux: Move 2 large data buffers
    into the heap
  staging: fbtft: fb_ili9320: Remove unused variable 'ret'
  staging: rtl8723bs: core: rtw_ieee80211: Fix incorrectly named
  staging: rtl8723bs: hal: odm_NoiseMonitor: Remove unused variable and
    dead code
  staging: rtl8188eu: os_dep: mon: Demote non-conforming kernel-doc
  staging: rtl8188eu: os_dep: rtw_android: Demote kernel-doc abuse
  staging: rtl8723bs: hal: rtl8723b_hal_init: Remove unused variable and
    dead code
  staging: rtl8723bs: hal: rtl8723b_phycfg: Fix a bunch of misnamed
  staging: rtl8723bs: hal: sdio_halinit: 'start' is only used if debug
    is enabled
  staging: rtl8723bs: hal: sdio_ops: Mark used 'err' as __maybe_unused
    and remove another
  staging: rtl8723bs: os_dep: ioctl_cfg80211: 'ack' is used when debug
    is enabled
  staging: comedi: drivers: jr3_pci: Remove set but unused variable
  staging: comedi: drivers: ni_tio: Fix slightly broken kernel-doc and
    demote others
  staging: comedi: drivers: ni_routes: Demote non-conforming kernel-doc
  staging: axis-fifo: axis-fifo: Fix function naming in the
  staging: rtl8723bs: hal: odm_NoiseMonitor: Remove unused variable
  staging: rtl8723bs: core: rtw_mlme_ext: Move very large data buffer
    onto the heap
  staging: rtl8723bs: hal: rtl8723b_hal_init: Mark a bunch of debug
    variables as __maybe_unused
  staging: comedi: drivers: ni_mio_common: Move 'range_ni_E_ao_ext' to
    where it is used
  staging: comedi: drivers: comedi_isadma: Fix misspelling of
  staging: rtl8723bs: hal: sdio_halinit: Remove unused variable 'ret'

 drivers/staging/android/ashmem.c              |   1 +
 drivers/staging/axis-fifo/axis-fifo.c         |  18 +--
 drivers/staging/comedi/drivers/comedi_8254.c  |   3 +-
 .../staging/comedi/drivers/comedi_isadma.c    |   2 +-
 drivers/staging/comedi/drivers/jr3_pci.c      |   3 +-
 .../staging/comedi/drivers/ni_mio_common.c    |   9 --
 drivers/staging/comedi/drivers/ni_routes.c    |   6 +-
 drivers/staging/comedi/drivers/ni_stc.h       |   9 +-
 drivers/staging/comedi/drivers/ni_tio.c       |  12 +-
 drivers/staging/fbtft/fb_ili9320.c            |   3 +-
 drivers/staging/fwserial/fwserial.c           |  46 +++----
 drivers/staging/iio/frequency/ad9834.c        |   5 +-
 drivers/staging/ks7010/ks_hostif.c            |  14 +-
 drivers/staging/most/dim2/dim2.c              |  23 ++--
 drivers/staging/most/dim2/hal.c               |  10 +-
 drivers/staging/most/i2c/i2c.c                |  12 +-
 drivers/staging/most/net/net.c                |   6 +-
 drivers/staging/nvec/nvec.c                   |   7 +-
 drivers/staging/octeon/ethernet-tx.c          |   1 -
 drivers/staging/qlge/qlge_main.c              |   4 +-
 .../staging/rtl8188eu/core/rtw_ieee80211.c    |   2 +-
 .../staging/rtl8188eu/core/rtw_ioctl_set.c    |   8 ++
 drivers/staging/rtl8188eu/core/rtw_security.c |  10 +-
 .../staging/rtl8188eu/include/rtw_mlme_ext.h  |   8 --
 .../staging/rtl8188eu/os_dep/ioctl_linux.c    |  12 +-
 drivers/staging/rtl8188eu/os_dep/mon.c        |   6 +-
 .../staging/rtl8188eu/os_dep/rtw_android.c    |   2 +-
 .../rtl8192u/ieee80211/ieee80211_softmac.c    |   9 +-
 drivers/staging/rtl8192u/r8192U_core.c        |  11 +-
 drivers/staging/rtl8192u/r819xU_cmdpkt.c      |  41 ------
 drivers/staging/rtl8192u/r819xU_phy.c         |  48 +++++--
 drivers/staging/rtl8712/rtl871x_mp_ioctl.c    |  29 ++--
 drivers/staging/rtl8712/rtl871x_mp_ioctl.h    | 127 ------------------
 .../staging/rtl8723bs/core/rtw_ieee80211.c    |   6 +-
 drivers/staging/rtl8723bs/core/rtw_mlme.c     |  17 +--
 drivers/staging/rtl8723bs/core/rtw_mlme_ext.c |  19 +--
 drivers/staging/rtl8723bs/core/rtw_recv.c     |   2 +-
 drivers/staging/rtl8723bs/core/rtw_security.c |   2 +-
 drivers/staging/rtl8723bs/core/rtw_sta_mgt.c  |  10 +-
 .../staging/rtl8723bs/core/rtw_wlan_util.c    |   4 +-
 .../staging/rtl8723bs/hal/odm_NoiseMonitor.c  |   9 +-
 .../staging/rtl8723bs/hal/rtl8723b_hal_init.c |  21 +--
 .../staging/rtl8723bs/hal/rtl8723b_phycfg.c   |  10 +-
 drivers/staging/rtl8723bs/hal/sdio_halinit.c  |   8 +-
 drivers/staging/rtl8723bs/hal/sdio_ops.c      |   7 +-
 .../staging/rtl8723bs/os_dep/ioctl_cfg80211.c |   2 +-
 drivers/staging/sm750fb/sm750_accel.c         |   4 +-
 drivers/staging/vt6655/upc.h                  |   2 +-
 drivers/staging/wlan-ng/cfg80211.c            |  30 +++--
 49 files changed, 256 insertions(+), 404 deletions(-)

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