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Re: [Question #189948]: What is the aiki form syntax for hidden fields?


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Christopher Adams is still having a problem:
That doesn't work for me.

If I use the aiki form and set it to:

[hidden]    media_id|editor:media id

Then my output is:

<div class="media_id field"><input type="hidden" name="media_id"></div>

If I change it to what you suggest:

[autofield] media_id:MediaID:value:((1))


[autofield] media_id|editor:MediaID:value:((1))

then the div is totally empty:

<div class="media_id field"></div>

Only if I try something like:

[autofield] media_id|editor:media id:insertedby_userid

Do I get some output, but in this case I don't want the userid there, I
want some other ((value)) or (!(1)!) or GET[value] but none of those

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