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Re: [Question #189948]: What is the aiki form syntax for hidden fields?


What about if you process the form, I've notice that aiki process those
values if they notice them in input, before they are added to database.

Which is kind of stupid, hiding stuff before users, it should be
process before added to the form, right now there are 2 different
processing one before forms is displayed and after data is inserted
into database, there should be one process that do the same as in
widgets and do this before form is displayed.

On Wed, 07 Mar 2012 12:05:46 -0000
Christopher Adams <question189948@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Question #189948 on aikiframework changed:
> https://answers.launchpad.net/aikiframework/+question/189948
>     Status: Answered => Open
> Christopher Adams is still having a problem:
> That doesn't work for me.
> If I use the aiki form and set it to:
> [hidden]    media_id|editor:media id
> Then my output is:
> <div class="media_id field"><input type="hidden"
> name="media_id"></div>
> If I change it to what you suggest:
> [autofield] media_id:MediaID:value:((1))
> OR
> [autofield] media_id|editor:MediaID:value:((1))
> then the div is totally empty:
> <div class="media_id field"></div>
> Only if I try something like:
> [autofield] media_id|editor:media id:insertedby_userid
> Do I get some output, but in this case I don't want the userid there,
> I want some other ((value)) or (!(1)!) or GET[value] but none of those
> work.

Jakub Jankiewicz
twitter: @jcubic
www: http://jcubic.pl