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[Merge] lp:~mwhudson/apport/ignore-new-pycodestyle-warning into lp:apport


Michael Hudson-Doyle has proposed merging lp:~mwhudson/apport/ignore-new-pycodestyle-warning into lp:apport.

Requested reviews:
  Apport upstream developers (apport-hackers)

For more details, see:

This should fix the ftbfs in artful. It would be possible to fix the code instead but I'm lazy and most of the uses of except: are probably OK?
Your team Apport upstream developers is requested to review the proposed merge of lp:~mwhudson/apport/ignore-new-pycodestyle-warning into lp:apport.
=== modified file 'test/run'
--- test/run	2016-09-05 21:18:38 +0000
+++ test/run	2017-06-30 04:41:40 +0000
@@ -37,11 +37,11 @@
     if PYCODESTYLE=$(which pycodestyle 2>/dev/null || which pep8 2>/dev/null); then
         echo "Running $(basename $PYCODESTYLE)..."
         # . catches all *.py modules; we explicitly need to specify the programs
-        $PYCODESTYLE -r --ignore=E401,E402,E501,E124 --exclude=test_problem_report.py,report.py,is-enabled,apport-bug,apport-collect .  `find bin data gtk kde -type f -executable`
+        $PYCODESTYLE -r --ignore=E401,E402,E501,E124,E722 --exclude=test_problem_report.py,report.py,is-enabled,apport-bug,apport-collect .  `find bin data gtk kde -type f -executable`
         # those tests deliberately have trailing whitespace in test files, ignore
         $PYCODESTYLE -r --ignore=E401,E402,E501,W291,W293 test/test_problem_report.py
         # has_key is minidom API, not the dict operator here
-        $PYCODESTYLE -r --ignore=E401,E402,E501,W601 apport/report.py
+        $PYCODESTYLE -r --ignore=E401,E402,E501,W601,E722 apport/report.py
         echo "Skipping PEP 8 tests, neither pycodestyle nor pep8 are installed"