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Wine tasting at UDS?


Dear Wine lovers & friends,

I created a poll but looks like I messed up and now I cant edit the poll, email gets peoples attention faster anyways. Here is what I said in the poll request:

Thought I will get the ball rolling to see if we have any interest in getting together one of the nights we are in Brussels to try some French wine, we are close to France and we should be able to find some good stuff. I say each person chip in X amt Eu and buy wine from a retailer & try at the hotel after dinner. UDS between 10 -14 We should do this on the 1st or 2nd day we are there before we get busy with other dinners & engagements.

Boris: if you are up to making a trip in the evening to the closest wine store we can pick up a case or so and bring it back to the hotel for us to try.

Any thoughts?

--- manjo

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