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Re: Bacchus Dinner UDS-O Budapest


I'm in (although depending on time I may join a bit late as I want to stop by the Linaro event).


On 10/05/11 01:34, Boris Devouge wrote:
Dear wine lovers,

   After review, and looking at many different places, it appears that we
will not have to travel too far.

The  Budapest Bock Bistro (Erzsébet körút 43-49), literally 20 meters on
the left of the Hotel Corinthia, is rated as a very good place for wine
tasting and food.

Some info here:
"Bock Bistro (Erzsébet körút 43-49) on the Grand Boulevard is perfect
for wine tasting. Adventurous types should try some appetizers here,
like Hungarian cracklings with red onion, or lard of Mangalica pork."

"Bock Bistro is definitely one of the best wine restaurants in Budapest
named after the renowned Hungarian wine producer József Bock. It was one
of those few places that many expected to receive a Michelin star."



I propose we get together there tomorrow evening (oopsy actually later

Could you please answer this email to confirm your attendance at the
earliest possible and I will book a table for us.

Best regards.

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