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It occurred to me last night at the cross-team dinner in Copenhagen that:

a: there are a lot more people at Canonical these days
b: there is a fairly large group of foodies, wine lovers and beer
connoisseurs now
c: the bacchus team still exists...

So I just wanted to say Hi, and wondered if it was worth resurrecting
this and inviting new people and expanding this to do things like
foodie evenings, wine tastings, beer swaps, etc at sprints.

Anyway, drinking a bottle or two last night just reminded me about
this team and I wanted to say Hi... (also, I saw Tony playing in front
of the hotel the other day and that also really reminded me of the jam
sessions that were always such fun...)


Jeff Lane
Engineering Manager
IHV/OEM Alliances and Server Certification

"Entropy isn't what it used to be."