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[Blueprint callbacks] More Callbacks/Hooks


Blueprint changed by aj00200:

Whiteboard changed:
  I believe that BBot should be converted to use more hooks, for the sole
  reason that it will then not be passing unnecessary data to modules.
  Having said that, I believe we should consider specific things here.
  First, are we trying to make module development user-friendly?  Second,
  if we are trying to make module development more user-friendly, would
  converting BBot into using more hooks mean more work for module
  developers?  These two questions must be answered before we can decide
  what we're going to do about this.
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+ I think that using hooks is quite simple, but I wrote the code for them
+ so I can't really say. The big problem is that it makes the API somewhat
+ inconsistant. If some data is passed to the module's methods and other
+ data is passed to a hook, it might over-complicate the api.
+ --AJ00200
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More Callbacks/Hooks