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Hello Brewtarget developers,

I thought I'd send around a brief email introducing myself. Hopefully this
is an appropriate use of the mailing list.

A little background about myself - I am a long time brewer (15+ years) and
a "part time" programmer/engineer. I like to tinker and get to the nuts and
bolts of a process to understand it (probably the engineer in me). I have
used a few different brewing software tools in my time as a brewer, and I
feel that Brewtarget is up there with some of the top competitors. Most
attractive to me is that it is open source.

I've been emailing Philip over the last week or so to get some guidance in
setting up my development environment on a Windows 7 PC. At present I have
set up with MinGW (V4.4) and Qt4.8.4. I can build the project (somewhat
successfully) and test out some minor changes to the code. If anyone else
has a MinGW setup with Windows 7 I would like to talk to you about some odd
problems I have.

I have a couple of ideas of features that I believe would be a good
addition to the software which I can expand on in later posts, and I'm
happy to put a bit of time into some low priority bugs to get them cleaned

My knowledge of Qt is limited, but I've been working through the reference
documentation and it's very good so hopefully I can pick up what I need to
as I investigate the code.

Look forward to working with you on the project,

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