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User Changelog



Mik suggested this a while back, and we put a changelog on brewtarget.org,
but I just pushed a markdown-formatted CHANGES.markdown to the repository.
My intention for this is to be for the end-user to read (I will put it up
on brewtarget.org at each release) to decide if he/she wants to upgrade.
For each release, there are bugs, features, and incompatibilities sections.
When you submit a merge request that fixes a bug or adds a feature that the
end user (not just us developers) will notice, please add a line to the
changelog and link to the appropriate Launchpad issue so that the users can
see more detail.

In a related note, we need a friendly environment for users to ask
questions, get help, and report issues. So, I created a Google group for
this purpose: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/brewtarget-help

I'm excited to see this get used and what kinds of questions we'll get :)

Philip G. Lee

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