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cmake and a subdir


Hey all, just curious to know how I would add a subdir to the build?
Basically, I am starting to work on a way to upload recipes to dropbox
using their public API for non commercial apps. This becomes a nice way to
be able to share recipes and then maybe have a handheld version later on.
It's sort of an extension of my original effort to make the database work
for multiple backends. I think this is a better idea, but am open to

Basically, I'm choosing to use qjson4 to do JSON for QT4. I want to keep it
separate from the standard source because if/when the switch is made to
QT5, it becomes redundant. I can't seem to figure out how cmake is used
here, with the SRCDIR value. I can't get it to figure out I have a new
subdir under src.

Thoughts? I'll take feedback on both the idea, and how to get it to build



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