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Re: 16.10 release candidate 1


Tested RC 1 on Thinkpad T60, 3G RAM, dual CPU.

Clean install, first boot, first thing, look at the Budgie Menu.

 * Selecting Menu Editor from Budgie/Accessories produced a panel
   crash.  This only happens right after the install.
 * Launching ImageMagick from the Budgie menu, shows up for a moment in
   Plank dock and then disappears, no error message.
 * There are two ImageMagic appls in the Budgie/Graphics menu.
 * Budgie/System Tools, Xvt application does not appear to have a
   budgie icon or a plank icon.


 * There are Icon set listed in the Icon Theme.  But, only 3 have an
   icon for the Raven open/close all the rest product a missing
   graphic. (I know this is a Solus issue but are you going to release
   like this?)
 * Switching the Icon Theme from Faba to Humanity changes the icons
   shown in the Plank dock. However, switching back to Fabe does not
   return to the original Faba icon set.

I offer the following constructive comments from the prospective of a new user installing the system and taking a first look at the budgie menu. Remember, just my opinions.

 * The budgie menu has two sections, the left panel with the groups and
   the right panel with the applications.  However, after the install,
   the right panel does not appear to make any sense.  Its not an
   alphabetical list of applications (like xubuntu’s whiskers menu) but
   is a recently used list??. However, once you launch an application,
   it it put to the top of the right menu – fine.  But, when you launch
   the second application, it is not put on the top of the right menu,
   but as the second item in the list and so on and so forth.  After
   launch a number of applications, the right menu loses its meaning.
 * Now, if you turn on Show Headers in the Raven setting, then the
   right panel has the applications with the group header. However,
   again it does not make sense; as an example, there are 3 Accessories
   group listed.


On 10/08/2016 06:31 AM, foss.freedom wrote:

we are nearing the end of the development and testing phase - I am happy to offer up release candidate 1 of budgie-remix 16.10.

Please give this a try - let us know of any last minute issues we may not have caught. Look carefully at the README.

 - https://sourceforge.net/projects/budgie-remix/files/16.10%20rc%201/

Also - exclusively for you - https://budgie-remix.org/2016/10/08/how-to-upgrade-from-budgie-remix-16-04-to-16-10/

Again - please let us know if we can improve the "how to upgrade" notes etc.

many thanks


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