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Re: [Question #404662]: How to access file search?


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Wilfredo posted a new comment:
So, after testing Synapse and FSearch, they're good, but neither as
smooth or clean as Unity's Dash: not sure what goes on in the
background, but Dash always seems to find exactly what I'm looking for.

I believe it has some sort of Relevance algorithm that returns results
based on date modified or something like that, whereas with
Synapse/FSearch, I found my searches returned more hits, but those extra
hits were noise, since I had to dig through those to get what I actually

In short, if Budgie would implement its own "universal launcher" (not
sure if that's the right term), I think it's worth looking at how Dash
does it, since it's no longer enough to just return a bunch of results
(which has its usefulness too): they also need to be relevant.

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