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Re: [Question #451490]: login loop by deleting current input method


Question #451490 on budgie-remix changed:

BALLOON a.k.a. Fu-sen. (Keiichi SHIGA) posted a new comment:
Because Budgie desktop is affected by GNOME, IBus is included as a dependency.
Therefore, your response is not actually a correct method.

I can test IBus with budgie-remix (Ubuntu Budgie).
I can urge Ubuntu Budgie team and Solus team to respond if necessary.
I want to confirm with you for that.
- What is the version of budgie-remix? Is it 16.04 LTS? Is it 16.10?
- Are you using budgie-remix in English? Or are you using it in other languages?
- Is "Japanese"(日本語) correct in what you put in the language source item?
  Was it supposed to be "Japanese (Anthy)"(日本語 (Anthy)) etc?

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