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[Question #474341]: Some webpage text appearing as rectangles


New question #474341 on budgie-remix:

Hi, I dont know whether this problem already have a solution or not, as I have searched but could not find any.

I have tried budgie-remix 16.04.02 and as well as 16.10. In both of them, when I open any web page(be it with chrome or firefox), some texts appear as rectangles. I have tried rebuilding font caches and stuffs but still they didnt fix the problem. 

Sorry I forgot to take a screenshot before posting this, but I can provide if it is getting difficult to understand my issue. I love budgie like sooo much so it would be of great help if there is a fix.

Another isuue not much imp.: when trying v17.04 i could not open wifi hotspot there is an option but it does nothing.

Thank you.

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