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Re: [Question #474341]: Some webpage text appearing as rectangles


Question #474341 on budgie-remix changed:

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Prantik Majumder is still having a problem:
The answers to the prev questions are:
- can you include a URL where this is happening?
ans: www.google.com, www.nits.ac.in (i have attached images) https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B18EJ0Qm1XtWMnlaUE5rR3M5dFE

- is it happening on all sites? Or specific sites? If I understand
correctly, it is all sites regardless of the browser in use.
ans: no not all sites, it seems a particular font is messing up. for example if i open a site with all english font then i have no issue.
and its browser independent but site dependent.

- can you list all fonts on your system with the `fc-list` command?
ans: ofc. here u go: https://hastebin.com/ticudakayo.bash

- which languages are active in your system? Input, etc.
ans: i dont fully get this question(new to linux plz forgive me) still I have attached few screenshots that might answer ur question.
https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B18EJ0Qm1XtWMnlaUE5rR3M5dFE (budgie_fontsactive.png)

- does this happen in any other programs such as a word processor, stuff.
ans: no as (may be) i use english lang. to type and i have faced no issue.

- do you have ttf-mscorefonts-installer installed?
ans: i guess i have. as i have reinstalled mscore following some link after i was facing the issue with hope of fixing it.


- Does it occur in other Ubuntu flavors and distributions?
ans: i have attached images that might help you, but in short i have tries live booting "gnome ubuntu" and i got this issue(but not that terrible as atleast i can view some fonts).Also i have tried with linux mint live usb and it has no issue with any fonts.

plz forgive me for not sorting the images properly.

fyi: i have also live booted budgie 16.10 and 16.04 before installing
and faced the same issue.


p.s. i will test further and give updated stats. till then waiting for the fix. and 
thank you very much

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