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Just ideas.


Hello all I know we here talk about bugs report and packages but I wanna do a break in this (If you let me) because I think with a few things we can do better our work.

Please, apologize me and let me know if this email is spam or something like that.

We like a team need a big communication for work better but most important for ask if we have troubles with anything, I don't know if we have like Mentorship squad a IRc channel but this is a great way for start. I have a community and we have a TeamSpeak 3 server maybe this can be a way for a better communication I'm talking about real time help because something we have a little error and we don't talk about it because we think is small for send a email asking for it, my server is your server feel free for say no.

Maybe don't breaking the contact always sending a message about in what bug we are working or what problem we have.

I just say that because when one ask or talk with other maybe about a problem is talking about information what maybe other can need.

I don't know if you understand what I'm talking about and again, apologize me if this I not correct.

Victor Rodriguez.

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