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Admin List in Bugsquad Mentoring team


Not many seem to know that there are a lot of Admins on the mentoring
team. During the last BugSquad meeting, I had taken an action item to
list out the Admins in the team. So..

Apart from me there are other mentors who can add new members or help
with any other admin tasks. Feel free to ping anyone of us regarding

---Name ----------------- IRC nick
Brian Murray ------------ bdmurray
C de-Avillez ------------ hggdh
Charlie Kravetz --------- charlie-tca
Draycen DeCator --------- ddecator
Duane Hinnen ------------ duanedesign
Kamus ------------------- Kamusin
Mohamed Amine Ilidrissi - devildante
Pedro Villavicencio ----- pedro_
Teej -------------------- xteejx