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The BugSquad mentorship programme is ending



We discussed the BugSquad mentorship programme during UDS [1];
generically, we perceive it as not working as intended. The reasons
are varied but, on the whole, they show the mentees and the mentors
disconnected on expectations, the most prominent being:

  * mentees expect a continuous hands-on approach from the mentors
  * mentors expect to be contacted via IRC or the ML

In its previous incarnation, the mentorship programme was set
joining a small group of mentees with each available mentor; this
approach also did not work, with most mentees lagging behind.

As such, we decided to end the programme, and revert to the previous
state of affairs regarding bug triage work:

* the #ubuntu-bugs IRC channel on irc.ubuntu.com is, still, the
primary contact venue for people interested in contributing on bug
triage; questions asked there should be responded to in a timely
manner [3].
* the Ubuntu Bug Squad mailing list [2] is also a primary contact;
of course, the ML does not allow for an interactive approach -- for
this, the IRC channel is preferred. Bug triagers are extremely
encouraged to subscribe to this list.

Of course, we look forward to contributors (hell, we *depend* on
them!). Being present on the IRC channel is a very good way of
contacting us, and making you -- the beginner on Ubuntu bug triaging
-- known to us.

I am sorry this programme did not work, and I hope the current
mentees will keep on helping making Ubuntu, and free software in
general, better and better.


[2] see http://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-bugsquad
[3] well, please keep in mind that we also have a life ;-)

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