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User Reference now online as a set of topics


See http://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/bzr.dev/en/user-reference/index.html.
BTW, each help topic is now available as user-reference/xxx-help.html
and can be referenced inside other topics as :doc:xxx-help. When
referenced inside Sphinx, those :doc: targets ought to resolve ok. When
converted to 'plain text' (for display from 'bzr help foo'), then the
doc links get mapped to ``bzr help xxx``.

Some questions/comments for discussion:

1. I wonder whether "Concepts" would be better labelled "Features"?

2. Do we want/need both diverged-branches and branches-out-of-sync?

3. We should move stuff out of Configuration Settings into Environment
Variables shouldn't we?

4. Files is light on. Any takers to improve it?

5. Maybe Criss-Cross needs a longer name. Criss-Cross Merges? History
Criss-Crosses? Something else?

6. If you come across links referencing user-reference/index.html#foo,
please fix them to point to the individual topics now.

Ian C.

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