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Re: Fwd: [PyQt] ANN: PyQt v4.7 Windows Installers


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Alexander Belchenko wrote:
> INADA Naoki пишет:
>> Yes, I have many PyQt packages too.
>> We should decide the major and minor (but not micro) version of
>> Python and PyQt for bzr-windows package on some day.
>> And the day should not the day to release rc1.
>> I cancel my vote to PyQt 4.7 and vote to 4.4.
>> BTW, when we decide the version of Python and PyQt for the
>> bzr-2.2 package?
> When you want it.
> Recent discussion about bundling Python 2.6 has ended with consensus: do
> major changes at the beginning of the cycle. I.e. after rc1 is out IIUIC.

Well, unless someone else is going to be setting up a build host (or
even configuring the one we have), I guess it falls to me to really
decide. I believe I have 4.4 currently installed w/ python 2.5. I also
have python2.6 w/ PyQt 4.5.3, but I'm sure I'd need to upgrade to at
least 4.6 (4.6.2 works with py2exe, while 4.5.3 never has for me).

If someone wants access to 'desolation' I'm happy to give you a login.

For simplicity, I'd like to stick with python2.5 and PyQt 4.4 for this
release. We can look at bumping it to py 2.6 + PyQt >= 4.6 for the next one.

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