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Re: re MSI based installer (again)


> There was discussion in the past about providing MSI-based installer for
> bzr.

I hear using MSI solves failing update shell extension when overwriting install.
This is explaind in:

> I don't plan to work on it myself, but if bzr.exe will switch to Python 2.6
> there will be need to redistribute MSVC CRT dlls, and it seems there is
> already MSM modules for them provided by Microsoft itself.
> So I just want to note that Mercurial guys have created MSI installer
> recently, and maybe someone could port their effort to use for bzr
> installer.

I really hope to switch to MSI when bzr-2.2.
I am busy these days. So I'll learn WiX and THG installer after spring.

INADA Naoki  <songofacandy@xxxxxxxxx>