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Re: bzr-2.2b2-setup.exe - packaging problem for lp?


On 24/04/10 05:02, Gordon Tyler wrote:
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On 4/23/2010 1:00 PM, DeeJay wrote:

I get errors like this -

Z:\>bzr help rewrite
Unable to import library "launchpadlib": No module named launchpadlib
Unable to load plugin u'pipeline' from u'C:/localapp/Program Files/Bazaar/plugin

I have encountered this myself while working on building the 2.2b2
installer for Mac OS X. I need to work out how to include launchpadlib
into the installer, so I think Ian or John need to do the same for the
Windows installer.

The tip of bzr-pipeline no longer requires launchpadlib. I'll look into why this message is still appearing.

Ian C.

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