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More updates to Desolation


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I've run into a few more bits.

1) bzr-fastimport depends on 'fastimport', but 'fastimport' isn't
getting installed correctly. I haven't figured out why yet, because it
is in the build description.

I do see it show up in build-win32/releases/bzr-2.3/fastimport but I
don't see it show up in library.zip. So I'm still debugging. I have the
feeling that 'py2exe' isn't finding it because it is getting a name
collision. The code says "from fastimport import XXX" and py2exe thinks
that 'bzr-fastimport' provides that itself.

I tracked this down to needing to add the 'fastimport' package in bzr's
setup.py. I have a merge request for it, but I'm not going to block on
that here.

2) I installed meliae (globally) since bzr can use it if we have it.
(bzr -Ddebug_mem, I believe)

3) I fixed paramiko. It got installed as a zipped egg. Anyone know if
there is a way to tell easy_install to always apply -Z ? (no zip files)

4) 'bzr selftest' has at least one failure from missing 'diff.exe'. I
don't know why that test isn't getting skipped properly when we can't
find diff. There are also more failures because of "weave" tests and the
filesystem doesn't support the extra chars. Those used to be skipped as

5) It appears the HTTPS tests fail because they can't find the ssl

> ------------
> Text attachment: traceback-1
> ------------
> Traceback (most recent call last):
>   File "testtools\runtest.pyo", line 169, in _run_user
>   File "bzrlib\tests\test_server.pyo", line 649, in stop_server
>   File "bzrlib\tests\test_server.pyo", line 307, in run
>   File "threading.pyo", line 484, in run
>   File "bzrlib\tests\test_server.pyo", line 612, in run_server
>   File "bzrlib\tests\test_server.pyo", line 382, in serve
>   File "bzrlib\tests\test_server.pyo", line 394, in handle_request
>   File "bzrlib\tests\https_server.pyo", line 92, in get_request
>   File "bzrlib\tests\https_server.pyo", line 40, in _get_ssl_request
>   File "ssl.pyo", line 338, in wrap_socket
>   File "ssl.pyo", line 118, in __init__
> SSLError: [Errno 336265218] _ssl.c:339: error:140B0002:SSL routines:SSL_CTX_use_
> PrivateKey_file:system lib
> ------------

Also, at some point during this they appear to hang. So for now I'm running:

export BZR_DISABLE_PLUGINS=fastimport
bzr selftest -x "(?)https"

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