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Re: Updates to desolation


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On 05/26/2011 05:17 AM, Martin Pool wrote:
> Thanks for updating it, and for describing what you did.
> Since I first created the image, AWS started offering the option to
> have the root disk on EBS and therefore persistent by default across
> restarts, without needing to specifically take a snapshot.  That might
> make things easier.  But it looks like there's no easy way to migrate
> an existing Windows machine from an S3 boot disk to EBS.
> <https://forums.aws.amazon.com/message.jspa?messageID=191175>.
> Martin

Yeah, there are a few options. One is to create an "E" drive that is on
EBS and mount it from there. I've also spun up a 'blank' Win 2008
instance (it was the one in their suggested list), which also runs from
EBS. I certainly noticed that it seemed to spin up faster, though you
still have to way 15-30min for it to generate its login password.

It isn't terrible to take 15min+ to spin up the instance, and then
bootstrap it. Versus the 8-hours I would estimate to get a new instance
up and running from scratch. Probably longer if you count the accidental
failed builds that plague the system. (Accidentally easy_install a
package without -Z, so it shows up as a compressed .egg, rather than a
directory, etc.)

Similarly, I'd really like to fix the setup.py issues. Moving py2exe
only to be in the windows installer, and moving the "this package needs
these dependencies" to be part of the plugin info, rather than manually
tracked in the setup.py. (Though if setup.py was only in
bzr-windows-installers, I could live with it there. I just *really*
don't like having to commit a change to lp:bzr to get updated packages.)
Even there, the incremental cost of living with the system are present
but small, the up-front cost of switching is quite high.

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