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Re: problems with ssh bundled with bzr for windows


On Thu, 17 May 2012, 02:26:22 BST, Steve Van Hooser <vanhoosr@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi Adrian -
> I am talking to a Mac OS X machine, which runs OpenSSH_5.2p1, OpenSSL

Alas, not a server I have familiarity with.

> installed openssh, libssh2_1, autossh, crypto, and paramiko, in addition
> to bzr.   

Is there a reason you're not using the prebuilt .exe installer and using the separate 'Python' package? You only need to use the Python version if you have odd plugin requirements.

However, I installed the same cygwin libraries on a Windows 7
> machine, and I do have the connection problems (and lots of verbose
> messages on each use of ssh).   So its unclear if the problem is with the
> OS configuration on a few of these PCs (but not all), or if there is
> something non-optimal about the libraries chosen for installation with

> issue with OpenSSH on some Windows machines

Another option is to try Plink, part of the Putty suite, for SSH support, Bazaar will support this with an environment variable change.

> (since it works fine on all Macs tested and many Windows machines).
> I don't think my users will find generating public keys very easy,

> unless I could pass a command line argument to bzr to call 

> sftp 

You don't want SFTP, it's slooow compared to bzr+ssh

using a
> key.   I suppose I could try to do surgery on their .ssh files with my

An edit to their authentication.conf file is in order.

> I worry about the users accidentally getting into
> our server 

Set the login shell for their user to /bin/false (you may wish to check that path actually points to 'false', that's from memory). That should prevent casual login attempts.

Other options ; smart HTTP server - easy enough to set up and provides a more traditional password experience.

Or plain bzr:// server (this is what bzr+ssh:// uses anyway)