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[Bug 1596027] Re: No hardware acceleration for H264 decoding of Flash videos on Chromium with Pepper Flash plugin


Hi, sorry I didn't reply sooner. I've been busy with bugs in other

Still no hardware accelerated decoding of H.264 Flash videos in

I still can not help you with that particular browser more than what I
suggested in comment 6.

If you would like to determine whether the issue comes from the PPAPI
plugin or the from browser, you can try the same plugin in another
browser, as I explained:

1. Make sure you have the latest available versions of the packages
adobe-flashplugin (the PPAPI plugin and also the NPAPI plugin but we are
not going to use this one, see comment 8), browser-plugin-freshplayer-
pepperflash (the PPAPI-to-NPAPI wrapper), and Firefox (an NPAPI-only
compatible browser), from the official Ubuntu archive (sections partner,
multiverse, and main, respectively). No longer needed to use PPAs
contrary to what I wrote in comment 8.

2. Enable hardware accelerated decoding of Flash videos *in the wrapper*
(that will NOT make it available if it is not available *in the plugin*,
but that will stop blocking it if it is available *in the plugin*):
write "enable_hwdec = 1" in ~/.config/freshwrapper.conf (create this
file) and check that "enable_vaapi = 1, enable_vdpau = 1" in
pepperflash/freshwrapper.conf.example (default config for the wrapper).

3. Test if you can reproduce this issue (no hardware accelerated H.264
in Flash videos). Of course, make sure you are testing with an actual
Flash video encoded in H.264, not an HTML5 video or a video encoded in
another codec.

4. Report here! :-)

Also, to reply more directly to your last comment:

> You are saying that PPAPI-to-NPAPI wrapper can turn it on.
> I'll try and let you know.
It will only make it available to NPAPI-compatible browsers IF it is available in the plugin. The wrapper is only an adapter between two APIs (two software interfaces), it is not a video decoder or anything.

> Just one thing is not clear. Will it work this way? :
adobe-flashplugin(PPAPI) - PPAPI-to-NPAPI - Firefox

> Or browser-plugin-freshplayer-pepperflash has to be installed?
browser-plugin-freshplayer-pepperflash *is* the PPAPI-to-NPAPI wrapper (the adapter).

I have written a memo on Flash support in Linux (because it's quite
convoluted) that I recommend you read if things are not clear for you.
I've just updated it too.


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  No hardware acceleration for H264 decoding of Flash videos on Chromium
  with Pepper Flash plugin

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