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[Merge] lp:~rcj/cloud-init/lp1575938 into lp:cloud-init


Robert C Jennings has proposed merging lp:~rcj/cloud-init/lp1575938 into lp:cloud-init.

Requested reviews:
  cloud init development team (cloud-init-dev)
Related bugs:
  Bug #1575938 in cloud-init: "Instance path in / if instance-id starts with '/'"

For more details, see:
Your team cloud init development team is requested to review the proposed merge of lp:~rcj/cloud-init/lp1575938 into lp:cloud-init.
=== modified file 'cloudinit/helpers.py'
--- cloudinit/helpers.py	2016-03-04 06:45:58 +0000
+++ cloudinit/helpers.py	2016-04-27 21:40:33 +0000
@@ -375,7 +375,7 @@
     def _get_ipath(self, name=None):
         if not self.datasource:
             return None
-        iid = self.datasource.get_instance_id()
+        iid = self.datasource.get_instance_id().lstrip(os.sep)
         if iid is None:
             return None
         ipath = os.path.join(self.cloud_dir, 'instances', str(iid))

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