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[Merge] lp:~smoser/cloud-init/trunk.smartos-fabric into lp:cloud-init


The proposal to merge lp:~smoser/cloud-init/trunk.smartos-fabric into lp:cloud-init has been updated.

Commit Message changed to:

SmartOS: more improvements for network configuration

This improves smart os network configuration
 - fix the SocketClient which was previously completely broken.
 - adds support for configuring dns servers and dns search (based off the
 - support 'sdc:gateways' information from the datasource for configuring
   default routes.
 - add converted network information to output when module is run as a main

TODO: add support for sdc:routes as described at http://eng.joyent.com/mdata/datadict.html

For more details, see:
Your team cloud init development team is requested to review the proposed merge of lp:~smoser/cloud-init/trunk.smartos-fabric into lp:cloud-init.