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Re: [Merge] ~wesley-wiedenmeier/cloud-init:integration-testing-invocation-cleanup into cloud-init:master


Review: Approve

LGTM with two comments:

1) Had to increase the timeout as 120 seconds was not enough. I bumped to 600.
2) the tox target "cittest_run" actually does a "tree_run" In order to not be confused between run versus tree_run I think this should really be "cittest_tree_run"

Tested by running the following on my local system with pylxd 2.1.3:

# lint
$ tox
# runs with options
$ python3 -m tests.cloud_tests run -v -n trusty
$ python3 -m tests.cloud_tests run -v -n xenial
$ python3 -m tests.cloud_tests run -v -n yakkety --repo 'deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ yakkety main'
$ python3 -m tests.cloud_tests run -v -n xenial --deb cloud-init_0.7.9-0ubuntu1_all.deb
# new tox based runs + tree_run
$ tox -e citest_run
$ tox -e citest -- tree_run -n zesty -t tests/cloud_tests/configs/modules/write_files.yaml
$ python3 -m tests.cloud_tests tree_run -v -n zesty -t tests/cloud_tests/configs/modules/timezone.yaml

lxc list was clean afterwards as expected. I believe I only missed a ppa test.

The only warning message I got other than those for pylxd's 2.2 deprecation was:
/home/powersj/Work/repos/cloud-init-wesley/tests/cloud_tests/collect.py:48: DeprecationWarning: The 'warn' method is deprecated, use 'warning' instead

Your team cloud init development team is requested to review the proposed merge of ~wesley-wiedenmeier/cloud-init:integration-testing-invocation-cleanup into cloud-init:master.

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