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Re: [Merge] ~msaikia/cloud-init:topic-msaikia-vmware into cloud-init:master


> Please set a combined commit message ('Set commit message' above.
> Can you explain where you're going also?
> I'm concerned about adding more "vmware" paths for configuring things that are
> done elsewhere (or not elsewhere) in cloud-init.  We'd like have consistent
> paths for doing things as much as possible.
> I understand that you're trying to have cloud-init take over another more
> solution, and I'm not entirely opposed to that, but I want to integrate as
> much as possible rather than having specific paths and function on vmware.

Thanks for your input Scott. I have updated the commit message.
This changeset is just to retrieve data from customization spec, for implementing some other customization functionalities like setting password, running post customization scripts etc. I shall post another changeset with the password configurator, which manipulates the values retrieved from these methods to be used by cloud-init's cc_set_password. We will be using as much cloud-init code as possible. For other functionalities like running pre and post customization specs that will be uploaded by the user, I dont think there is existing support. Please let me know if that sounds ok. Also for functions that are "vmware" specific, shall we still keep it in the helper path that we have created for vmware, or do we want to move them to some common code area?
Your team cloud init development team is requested to review the proposed merge of ~msaikia/cloud-init:topic-msaikia-vmware into cloud-init:master.