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Re: [Merge] ~i.galic/cloud-init:refactor/net-fbsd into cloud-init:master


> Generally let's try to get some unittest coverage on functions defined in
> cloudinit.net.freebsd.


> Long term (separate branch after this) our eye should be toward gutting all
> the net-related class methods from cloudinit.distros.freebsd in favor of using
> this top-level cloudinit.net utility functions.

which leaves one more question: what about cloudinit.netinfo?

> Since distros/__init__.py contains the method
> Distro.apply_network_config_names which calls net.apply_network_config_names
> which you are defining in net.freebsd. I think we can drop all net-related
> support methods from distros.freebsd to avoid all that duplication to support
> our base distros class can rely on that implementation instead of all the
> duplicated net-relatapply_network_config_names
> here's the patch I was thinking (not tested)
> http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/wwZgTxSY83/

Thank you for helping me getting this started!
One thing that's missing in this _rename_interfaces() implementation is to
actually persist the renames in the /etc/rc.conf
Your team cloud-init commiters is requested to review the proposed merge of ~i.galic/cloud-init:refactor/net-fbsd into cloud-init:master.