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[Merge] ~chad.smith/cloud-init:fix/opennebula-exlude-epochrealtime into cloud-init:master


The proposal to merge ~chad.smith/cloud-init:fix/opennebula-exlude-epochrealtime into cloud-init:master has been updated.

Commit message changed to:

opennebula: exclude EPOCHREALTIME as known bash env variable with a delta

This branch is needed to allow cloud-init to sbuild on Ubuntu Disco.

OpenNebula:parse_shell_config tries to do a comparison of bash
environment values, excluding expected environment variables which
are known to change.

Bash on Ubuntu Disco surfaces a new EPOCHREALTIME environment variable
which wasn't in previous bash environments, this var needs to be
ignored by parse_shell_config too.

LP: #1813383

For more details, see:
Your team cloud-init commiters is requested to review the proposed merge of ~chad.smith/cloud-init:fix/opennebula-exlude-epochrealtime into cloud-init:master.