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[Merge] ~toabctl/cloud-init:improve-error-msg-for-convert-network_data.json into cloud-init:master


The proposal to merge ~toabctl/cloud-init:improve-error-msg-for-convert-network_data.json into cloud-init:master has been updated.

Commit message changed to:

Improve error message when converting network_data.json

When running a command like:

  cloud-init devel net-convert -k network_data.json \
  -p network_json-bsc1125992.json -d x/ -D sles -O sysconfig

the output is confusing because it is not clear which NIC was
searched. Make that clear and mention the MAC address which was not
found and also list the available MAC addresses.

For more details, see:
Your team cloud-init commiters is requested to review the proposed merge of ~toabctl/cloud-init:improve-error-msg-for-convert-network_data.json into cloud-init:master.