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[Merge] ~smoser/cloud-init:fix/no-tox-yaml-warnings into cloud-init:master


Scott Moser has proposed merging ~smoser/cloud-init:fix/no-tox-yaml-warnings into cloud-init:master.

Commit message:
git tests: no longer show warning about safe yaml.

Currently on 18.04, running tox -e py27 will spew errors like:
.tests/unittests/test_net.py:2649: YAMLLoadWarning: calling yaml.load()
without Loader=... is deprecated, as the default Loader is unsafe.
Please read https://msg.pyyaml.org/load for full details.

The change here just uses cloud-init's yaml, which does safeloading
by default.

Requested reviews:
  cloud-init commiters (cloud-init-dev)

For more details, see:

see commit message
Your team cloud-init commiters is requested to review the proposed merge of ~smoser/cloud-init:fix/no-tox-yaml-warnings into cloud-init:master.
diff --git a/cloudinit/net/tests/test_init.py b/cloudinit/net/tests/test_init.py
index f55c31e..6d2affe 100644
--- a/cloudinit/net/tests/test_init.py
+++ b/cloudinit/net/tests/test_init.py
@@ -7,11 +7,11 @@ import mock
 import os
 import requests
 import textwrap
-import yaml
 import cloudinit.net as net
 from cloudinit.util import ensure_file, write_file, ProcessExecutionError
 from cloudinit.tests.helpers import CiTestCase, HttprettyTestCase
+from cloudinit import safeyaml as yaml
 class TestSysDevPath(CiTestCase):
diff --git a/tests/unittests/test_net.py b/tests/unittests/test_net.py
index 9db0156..e85e964 100644
--- a/tests/unittests/test_net.py
+++ b/tests/unittests/test_net.py
@@ -9,6 +9,7 @@ from cloudinit.net import (
 from cloudinit.sources.helpers import openstack
 from cloudinit import temp_utils
 from cloudinit import util
+from cloudinit import safeyaml as yaml
 from cloudinit.tests.helpers import (
     CiTestCase, FilesystemMockingTestCase, dir2dict, mock, populate_dir)
@@ -21,7 +22,7 @@ import json
 import os
 import re
 import textwrap
-import yaml
+from yaml.serializer import Serializer
@@ -3575,7 +3576,7 @@ class TestNetplanRoundTrip(CiTestCase):
         # now look for any alias, avoid rendering them entirely
         # generate the first anchor string using the template
         # as of this writing, looks like "&id001"
-        anchor = r'&' + yaml.serializer.Serializer.ANCHOR_TEMPLATE % 1
+        anchor = r'&' + Serializer.ANCHOR_TEMPLATE % 1
         found_alias = re.search(anchor, content, re.MULTILINE)
         if found_alias:
             msg = "Error at: %s\nContent:\n%s" % (found_alias, content)

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