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[Merge] ~raharper/cloud-init:ubuntu/devel/fix-90-dpkg-cfg into cloud-init:ubuntu/devel


The proposal to merge ~raharper/cloud-init:ubuntu/devel/fix-90-dpkg-cfg into cloud-init:ubuntu/devel has been updated.

Commit message changed to:

debian/cloud-init.config get_yaml_list should return only the value

When fixing LP #1841697 we mistakenly added the key and list brackets
to the return value of the get_yaml_list function. This resulted in
cloud-init.postinst which creates 90_dpkg.cfg to duplicate the key
and brackets resulting in an invalid yaml file. This commit removes
the emitted $key and [ ] portions resulting in valid yaml when
cloud-init.postinst renders 90_dpkg.cfg.

LP: #1846511

For more details, see:
Your team cloud-init Commiters is requested to review the proposed merge of ~raharper/cloud-init:ubuntu/devel/fix-90-dpkg-cfg into cloud-init:ubuntu/devel.